GDPR Regulations Have Launched And...
Google And Facebook Already
Face Up To $9.3 BILLION in Fines
Sure, typical marketers won't get this kind of
scrutiny, but it can't be ignored either.

Could you afford a defense and possible fines?
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The Bottom Line
Regardless where the company is located:
 If they accept ANY data for individuals within the EU.
 If they store 'cookies' or other online personal data.
 If they record and store IP Addresses.
 If they have visitors or clients or customers from the EU...
(and probably affects you!)
Whether your business is in
the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Australia... or anywhere else.
The penalties? (you knew there'd be penalties, right?)

For non-compliance they can levy fines up to
4 percent of the offender's marketing company income.
Get Instant Access To GDPR Pro
Standard license includes up to 10 personal websites
The fact is, this information is not an opinion or hyped speculation... It is quoted directly from the GDPR report and authoritative analysis.
Why Would U.S. Companies Be Affected?
A person in the EU could visit a website for any company in the U.S., order something, subscribe to email OR just visit the site, and now that company comes under GDPR regulations.

Since the E.U. considers IP addresses to be "personal Information" the visitor doesn't even have to purchase. Just browsing the website's front page is sufficient to expose you to the GDPR's authority.
       Can They Really  Collect Fines From U.S. Companies?
While they don’t (yet) have U.S. / EU civil enforcement for the GDPR YET, EU regulators can fine U.S. companies for violations. They can do it with the help of U.S. authorities.
In case you think this will only affect the 'big boys'...
Think Again.
It is common in situations like this for the governing body
to drag a wide net and include smaller fish...
Just To Make A Point!
It is why the IRS still audits small local business and 
pensioners just to put the fear of God into others.
Did you notice how the big boys like Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, have updated their Terms of Service, they've made changes to their websites according to the requirements of GDPR.
They’ve protected their assets.
Sorry, but if you haven't taken similar action then you're either needlessly brave or uniformed. 
Standard license includes up to 10 personal websites
So, Understandably Many Companies Are Asking...
Can’t you just give me a checklist of what to do?"

Sorry, GDPR is not a "one and done" exercise.
Complying with GDPR is not a matter of a one-time inventory or taking a snapshot of a company at a certain point in time. 
Instead, this legal and regulatory framework imposes complex, ongoing duties upon companies.
It’s not a "one size fits all" either.
It lays out broad standards rather than specific rules, requiring organizations to take what they call “appropriate” measures to protect privacy.
Take A Look At What Kind of Compliance Measures There Are:
(Before you get alarmed, in a moment we'll show you how to
hand off all those technical headaches to our software).
GDPR Problems Immediately! 
How would you like your websites, squeeze pages, email marketing and shopping carts to perform in  compliance with GDRP?

WITHOUT expensive lawyers or consultants to guide you? 
You can rest easy knowing visitors and subscribers and buyers and clients ALL have their data protected.
GDPR Pro is the COMPLETE Package.
Just look at the features that come standard:
 Software brings your site into compliance on 8 Key GDPR requirements.
 Works with your blog or any other custom implementation of WordPress.
 Works with E-Commerce stores.
 The cookie requirement compliance assures your EU visitors are briefed about cookie policy.
 'Terms and conditions' policy compliance gets your visitors consent to your T&C.
 'Privacy policy' compliance creates consent requirement for your Privacy Policy.
 'Right to Forget' compliance lets you delete your user data manually.
 Option to refuse to accept EU traffic on your site (built into the plugin).
 User consent log, incase regulators come knocking on your door!
 You can use on up to 10 personal websites
Check Out The Demo Video
 You'll Be Protecting Your Visitors By Providing Them:
Right of Access:
Your subscriber now has the right to request a copy of any of their information you have on file. 
Right of Erasure:
Built into our plugin, add the form and users can delete all their data while on your website.
Breach Notification:
Your users automatically gets data breach notification - by law you have 72 hours of first having become aware of the breach.
Cookies Consent:
All cookies / pixels are automatically blocked until your website visitor give their consent. 
Right of Rectification:
Your subscriber can update their personal data at any time.
Right to Object:
Simplified system where your subscriber can easy unsubscribe at any time.
Terms & Condition Pages: 
Auto-generate privacy, terms and condition page with built in auto redirect until condition is met.
Get GDPR Pro Now!
Standard license includes up to 10 personal websites
Here’s what you get in GDPR Pro Package:
 Interviews by Leading GDPR Experts & Attorneys
 Video Overview on what GDPR Pro is
 GDPR Pro Wordpress Plugin
 Install Access On 10 of Your Personal Websites
 Tutorials on setting up and using your plugin
Here’s What the GDPR Pro Software Does:
 Intercepts European Traffic with Geo Mapping Capabilities
 EU Traffic Refusal Capability
 Beautiful Pop-Ups That Collects Consent From EU Traffic 
 Consent Logging with Date and Time Stamp
 Cookie Consent
 Data Access Request Form: Your subscribers can request to see what data you have on them

 Data Rectification: Your subscribers can update and amend the data you have on them
 Data Deletion Request Form: Your subscribers can request to have their data deleted
 “One Click” Data Breech Notification
 Privacy Policy Template
 Cookie Consent Template
 Terms & Condition Pages
Standard license includes up to 10 personal websites
Aren't All GDPR Plugins The Same?
No, that's why it is important to know the difference.
Many software plugins send EU traffic to your privacy policy.
...then have visitors check a box that says they agree to it.  

Here's the problem (and it is a big one).
There is no recorded confirmation of consent.
Which leaves a gaping hole  in your protection!
What if the same person gives you consent, then two hours later or the next day, they email you and revoke that consent.

Then a short time later, they consent again and are back on your list.

Then they complain that they had revoked their consent and you are still emailing them. 

The only official record you would have for that person is the record of them revoking consent. 
If regulators questioned you, you could be considered 
Here's the GDPR Pro Difference:
 It dates and time stamps WHEN consent was given, which is absolutely critical.
 GDPR Pro provides you with an official record that can be sent to regulators if needed AND you can produce it for visitors when they ask what data you have on them. 
Here's the simple no-hype fact:
 GDPR Pro is a more "All Inclusive" version of compliance.
 GDPR Pro is what savvy business owners want. 

GDPR Pro Removes The Fear Of:

 Unnecessary legal risks.
 Becoming a target for fines.
 Attracting bad publicity.
 Attracting unwanted investigation.
GDPR Compliance Is Essential 
For ANY Business Website
Standard license includes up to 10 personal websites
A Word Of Caution
In the spirit of complete transparency we need to say something.
As powerful as this software is, it won't solve EVERY problem, for EVERY type of business site in EVERY instance.

If you have a significantly custom implementation of WordPress or you make use of very complicated features in WP doing much more than the blogging platform is typically used for, our software may not be entirely sufficient.

However, it will accommodate much of the primary compliance requirements, and can create the sections that can be very expensive and time consuming to build.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Can I use GDPR on any WordPress site?
A. Yes, it works on just about all WP sites. Even custom versions of Wordpress should work.

Q. Will I need technical help to do this?
A. Not at all! We purposely designed it to be user friendly. Even someone new to WP should be fine.

Q. Can I install this myself?
A. Absolutely. Just refer to WP's own instructions for installing any plug-in, and watch our installation videos.
Q. Do you plan any updates?
A. Yes, GDPR Pro will be updated if needed. If WP makes changes in their install routine or other coding changes GDPR Pro will maintain compatibility.

Q. Will this be ALL I need to remain compliant?
A. The best advice here is to stay on top of any changes or new interpretations of the GDPR regulations. Ultimately, it is still your responsibility to keep abreast of what's going on.
Respected Authorities On GDPR and Data Security
share the real truth in these new interview videos.
Peter B.
Internationally recognized
expert in General Data
Protection Regulation
Peter discusses and clarifies: 
  •  "Can you really be compliant?"
  •  "Establishing a defensible position"
  •  "Notices You MUST have"
  •  "What data CANNOT Be Forgotten"
  •  "Why Consent logs should be date/time stamped"
  •  "What does 'consent' allow the business to do?"
  •  "Will fines be PROPORTIONATE?"
  •  "What will a "Letter Of Enforcement' mean?"
  •  "How to handle regulatory complaint & more"
Suzanne D.
Award-winning business lawyer. Works with many multi-national specializing in Data Protection
Suzanne discusses and clarifies:
  •  "Is data more valuable than oil?"
  •  "Does GDPR really apply to you?"
  •  "The 6 legitimate grounds to process data"
  •  "When DON'T you need consent to email"
  •  "How do opt-ins without a Tick Box required"
  •  "Will most auto-responders keep my logs?"
  •  "What are the REAL risks of fines?"
  •  "Competitive advantages of proper data handling"
  •  "The harm mischief makers can do"
Peter H.
Recognized go-to attorney in General Data Protection Regulation and preparing clients for GDPR
Peter discusses and clarifies:
  •  "Is this the next Y2K?" 
  •  "What Is GDPR? What are The Misconceptions?"
  •  "Why is Panic being spread?"
  •  "EU Privacy Laws vs US laws"
  •  "What Should US digital marketer do?"
  •  "Should US marketers have their list RE-Optin?"
  •  "What should EU-based companies do?"
These interviews are available no where else.
They're included in your purchase for a limited time.

Don't miss this opportunity to hear bonafide
experts share what's really going on with GDPR regulation.
Being Compliant Gives Your Business Security :

 EU visitors and others will trust your website more.
 Enjoy improved sales and signups from EU visitors.
 Obtain legal consent from visitors and be protected. 
 Not looking over your shoulder fearing legal issues.
Our Mission
Presenting this new software to you is a privilege. While of course we're marketers, we are also a group of caring individuals and we want to make a difference.
From the day we embarked on developing this plug-in we had one goal;

Help fellow marketers and business people deal with this new compliance issue and simplify the process.
We did the research and designed our software so it was very comprehensive, yet easy to use. We added extra training and support so you would have a great user experience.

We stand ready to help you and want you to know, the sale is just a beginning for us. Our mission is to build lasting relationships with marketers all over the world. We hope you will join us. 
You're Getting All This If You Act Now:
 New WordPress software plugin designed to immediately bring you into GDPR Compliance.
 Variety of attractive GDPR software forms to choose from.
 Leading authority interviews that answer your questions and provide further understanding.
 Video Installation Training and practical tips for usage.
 Ongoing support. 
 Use on up to 10 personal websites
To our knowledge, there's no more comprehensive GDPR Toolset out there. 
We set a high goal and early testers are telling us we succeeded! 
No-Risk 30-Day Guarantee
We have one goal and one goal only; 

To provide with the best solution to a worldwide marketing challenge. Being in compliance with these new regulations is serious business and We take our responsibility to you just as seriously.
Our first concern is your complete satisfaction. We value our customer relations. To make your purchase as risk-free as possible, we provide you with a No-Risk 30-Day Guarantee.

If you don’t like the software for any reason, notify us within 30 days and we will refund 100% of your purchase price. No hassles, no delays!
Standard license includes up to 10 personal websites
Earnings Disclaimer
We don't believe in get rich programs - only in hard work, adding value and serving others. Our programs are intended to help you improve your business skills and encourage you to take action so you can build your business. Our programs take a lot of work and discipline just like any worthwhile endeavor or professional continuing education program. Please don't enroll in our programs if you believe in the "money for nothing get rich quick" ideology; we only want serious people who want to work hard to build their business. As stipulated by law, in promoting this and all our programs we use illustrative numbers only and we cannot and do not make results guarantees or give professional or legal advice. That's why it's important that you read all of our terms and earnings disclaimers via the links above as you are not guaranteed to get results or earn an income. It's all the regular legal disclaimers but we feel transparency is important and we hold ourselves (and you) to a high standard of integrity. Thanks for stopping by.

Terms Of Service
Nothing in GDPR Pro software, training, and promotion materials constitutes legal advice, or as a full GDPR compliance solution. Broad solutions and template documents are by their nature inherently risky as they have not been drafted with your particular circumstances in mind. However the vastly reduced price of a the software and associated templates and training compared to a custom solution reflects that risk and will protect your business more than not having any solutions in place. As we do not know your individual circumstances, we will not be liable for any matter arising out of your use of GDPR Pro, templates, or training. The only support that is included in the price of the GDPR Pack is technical support if you have problems downloading the plugin, installing it, or using it. The software, templates and information contained in GDPR Pro will help you to become GDPR compliant – if you are purchasing from a country outside of the EU, then it may be that other laws impact on data protection and the GDPR Pro does not cover any such other laws.